The Advertising Power of Stubby Holders

When one thinks of promotional products, often a number of items come to mind, including pens, pins, and a plethora of other trinkets. To stand out from the crowd however, it may take something a little more creative, something useful that will make your name stand out. That something is an item that everyone can use: stubby holders.

Stubby holders have a number of practical and marketing applications. The most obvious is that they are used to keep your drink cool, your hand warm, and add style to your potentially boring can or bottle. The fact that they are often used for almost any kind of canned and bottled beverage make them a staple for any fan of portable drinks, such as soda cans.

This also is the key to their advertising potential. Many people drink from cans or bottles, be it at parties or social gatherings, days at the beach or poolside relaxing. Having a stubby cooler handy then would be a useful luxury that any person would have in this instance.

Logically therefore, if one always has a drink holder on hand, by marketing a company’s name on one would increase its exposure by anytime that person takes a sip from his or her favourite soda.

Luckily, we have just the range of coolers and customisable options to maximise this marketing gambit. We offer a great selection of different types of stubby holders. The best part of this also is that all of them could contain the image and name of your choosing. This means that you can place your company name, logo, slogan, or any interesting image or gimmick.

The holders themselves also come in a number of different forms. For bottles, we have the classic printed cooler, a neat water bottle holder, and one with a zipper for full insulation and a belt clip for convenience.

For cans, we have some basic coolers, ones with a useful lanyard attached, holders with a clever flat bottom, and the full Monty, which zips to cover the top of the can if wanted.

All of our stubby holders are fully customisable and incredibly useful for advertising and promoting your business, to use at any event or for corporate gifts. For more information about our options and ordering, call 08 9248 6300.