Custom Workwear

Looking for custom workwear for your team? We've been assisting Australian businesses with their workwear solutions for over 10 years! 

Your employees spend a lot of time in their uniforms, so we understand your workwear garments need to be comfy, protective, and durable! We offer a huge range of top-quality Australian workwear that's guaranteed to meet the needs of your business. Whether you're looking for hi vis safety gear, coveralls, work shirts or jackets, we've got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer custom workwear solutions?

We offer custom uniforms for customers placing high volume orders. If you are looking to create something bespoke, please contact our customer service team to discuss your individual requirements. Like most of our uniforms, we also offer logo embroidery on workwear garments.

Do you stock women’s workwear?

Yes! We stock women's workwear garments. However, you'll find that most of our products are unisex in order to give customers more options when it comes to buying clothes for their staff members.

What occupations do you sell workwear for?

We sell work uniforms suitable for a variety of industries including construction, mechanical, and mining. We also stock a wide range of flame resistant uniforms suitable for staff in the electrical, oil and gas industries.

Does your safety wear meet the Australian Standards?

Yes, you can view the item description of the particular clothing item to see if it meets the Australian Standards. Most of our clothes are compliant with AS/NZS 4602:2011. If ever in doubt, please contact us to find out more about a particular item’s compliance status.

Why should you invest in branded workwear for your staff?

There are lots of reasons to choose branded workwear. Here are some of the benefits:

- Promotion for your company or brand. When your employees wear uniforms bearing your colours or logo, they help differentiate your business in your respective market.

- Protection for your workers. Uniforms also offer functional benefits, such as wearer safety. For instance, flame-resistant uniforms can help prevent injuries from flash fires or accidental electrical arc flashes. Likewise, high-visibility workwear can help make your workers more visible to passing motorists.

- Stronger team spirit and company pride. Wearing the same uniform fosters a sense of belonging amongst your team, improves productivity, and instills a sense of responsibility and pride.

Are there workwear requirements that need to be met?

Workwear is designed to offer your employees extra protection on the job, whilst also promoting your brand in the best way possible. When choosing work uniforms in Australia, it's important that you choose garments approved for the relevant occupational standards. For example, items labelled as Class D means they are approved for outdoor use in daytime only and can’t be used at night or in the dark. Once the uniforms have been ordered, it’s also important for both employers and employees to ensure the uniforms are well maintained and worn correctly to ensure compliance.