Branded Stationery

When shopping for promotional products, branded stationery is a popular choice. Every business requires certain supplies in order to function smoothly. Pens, highlighters, notebooks and many more items of stationery are needed on a daily basis.

By adding your company logo or message, you can ensure that your brand reaches the hands of your customers every day.

Whether you're shopping for promotional stationery to gift to clients or staff, look no further than JP Promotions.

You can check out our diverse stationery product range online or in person at our warehouse in Malaga.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using printed stationery items as promotional products? 

Many businesses across Australia like to choose stationery to hand out to prospective clients for a number of reasons. These include:

- They’re functional. Every office needs stationery in order to function properly, but when your brand's logo is printed on them, it serves as free advertising every time they're used.

- They’re affordable. When creating a brand awareness campaign, you want to be able to reach as many people as possible, and printed products like stationery provide brilliant value for money.

- They're the perfect size. Stationery doesn't take up a lot of room and because they're so useful there's always going to be someone carrying around a pen with your logo printed on it.

Should I choose plastic, metal or eco pens? 

At JP Promotions, we have pens to suit everyone!

- Plastic pens are a popular choice because they're lightweight and come in a variety of colours to suit your individual branding requirements.

- Metal pens have a more premium feel. They're ideal for those who are looking to make a good impression on clients.

- Eco pens are made from recycled materials, which is great if you're looking to go green with your brand.

Each and every one of our pens can be customised with your logo.

Why choose JP Promotions for branded stationery?

At JP Promotions, we're experts in all things branding, uniforms and promotional products. With over a decade's worth of experience in the industry, we're the proud supplier for businesses all across Australia. We believe that customer service is paramount, so whether it's an email or phone call, rest assured that every member of our team is always available to help. Based in Perth, we have the ability to offer prompt Australia-wide shipping no matter where you are. Place your order online today. 

How much branded stationery should I order?

Planning an order can be tricky, so here are some helpful tips to keep in mind. Try to calculate the amount you need by considering the following:

- Your target market. Are you shopping for a promotional product to hand out at expos and trade shows? Or are you only wanting corporate gifts for a select number of clients?

- Any events or expos coming up. It’s a good idea to map out any future events you’ll be attending to ensure you have enough.

- Your campaign goals. If it's brand awareness, the more the better and pens can be great for this purpose.

Ordering the right amount of promotional stationery is paramount. If you're looking for advice on quantity, our team is always available to help.