Hi Vis Jumpers

Branded Hi Vis Jumpers

Construction sites aren’t the warmest place to be on a cold winter's morning. Invest in quality hi vis hoodies or jumpers to keep your team safe and warm this winter. Plus, you can also embroider your company logo to all hi vis jumpers to keep everyone looking extra smart!

When working in low light conditions or around hazards, it’s important to stay safe and visible. Our workwear hoodies are made with fluorescent colour fabrics, so you'll always be noticeable. These hi vis jumpers and hoodies also have reflective tape to ensure you’ll always be seen in the darkest of conditions.

At JP Promotions, we’re the experts in all things uniforms & promotional products. So when looking to complete your workwear look, don’t forget to add hi vis jumpers and hoodies. Not sure what style you’re after? Our team is more than happy to assist you online or over the phone. Contact us to place your order for hi vis jumpers today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why order hi vis jumpers or hoodies for your team? 

There are a few reasons why ordering hi vis jumpers or hoodies for your team can be beneficial. First, it can help with brand awareness. If your team is wearing branded clothing, people will take notice and remember your company name. Second, it can help to create a sense of unity within your team. When everyone is wearing the same thing, it makes it easy to identify who is part of your group. And finally, it can make your team look more professional and put-together. It’s no secret that a construction site isn’t the cleanest of work environments but ordering matching hi vis hoodies or jumpers shows that you care about how your team looks and that you're willing to invest in them.

Are your hi vis jumpers waterproof? 

The majority of our hi vis hoodies are made from fleece for added warmth. Therefore, they aren’t designed to act as rain jackets. Lucky for you, we also stock waterproof his vis jackets on our website to complete your workwear look. 

What occupations do you sell workwear for?

We sell work uniforms suitable for a variety of industries including construction, mechanical, and mining. We also stock a wide range of flame resistant uniforms suitable for staff in the electrical, oil and gas industries.

What occupations are your hi vis jumpers suited towards?

Hi vis jumpers are perfect for people who work outdoors, construction workers, labourers, road work, or other jobs where they are at risk of being struck by a moving object. The bright fluoro jumper makes it easier for others to see the wearer in low-light conditions, like early morning before sunrise. We also stock tradie jumpers that are designed to meet AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 for high visibility wear, both day and night. 

Can you customise hi vis hoodies or jumpers?

You sure can! We offer custom printing and embroidery on all workwear including hi vis hoodies and jumpers. We also have a range of colours and styles to choose from, and we can add your company logo or slogan for a professional finish.

Looking for something a bit more unique? For high volume orders, we can assist you with custom-designed hi vis hoodies or jumpers.

How do you place an order for hi vis hoodies or jumpers? 

To place an order for high visibility hoodies or jumpers, add the desired jumper to your cart and then check out. Once you have completed the checkout process, you will be prompted to request a quote. Our friendly team will then be in touch to finalise any style or design requirements before finalising your order.