What We Do

Our work is centred on showcasing your brand in all the right ways. We don’t just put logos on t-shirts and call it a day, we work with a team of people to create a cohesive presence for your brand.

The considerations for promotional materials extend into audience acquisition, alignment with company strategy, and future objectives.

What We Stand For

Mission. Our mission is to work with leading Australian companies, bringing their unique brands to the audiences which will grow their business.

Vision. To see uniforms and promotional products become part of each business’s brand strategy.



We’ll reply to your email, even on a Friday at 5:29pm. You can’t get more passionate than that!


Without integrity we would all be living in a lawless society of anarchy and demonic destruction. Too far?


Why tell you about it here when you can come to Malaga and see for yourself. Innovation Central™


Okay, we don’t have an open planned office with graffiti art on the walls but we did just download ProCreate.


Innovation, Seriously This Time

To be fair, we brushed over it earlier and innovation is one of the main reasons we are so passionate about our work, so here goes: Our Malaga warehouse now has a whole floor dedicated to showroom status, two inhouse embroidery machines, and a state-of-the-art printing machine (the first one to come to WA no less). When we say “we can give your brand presence”, we make it happen.

With 10 years under our belt, JP Promotions has worked with over a thousand different brands and knows the impact promotional products can have on a company. It’s continual innovation that keeps us creating that impact.

 Australia Wide Service

We are proud to provide Australia wide service with clients all around the country.

Australia Wide Service

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