Fire Safety

Custom Fire Resistant Clothing

JP Promotions has been supplying Australian workwear for over a decade. It’s important that workers who work with high temperatures are properly protected with quality uniforms.

We specialise in flame resistant and flame retardant uniforms that do not only keep your employees protected on the job but that are also durable and long-lasting.

Flame resistant uniforms are a form of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to keep workers safe and protect them from the risk of serious injury. Therefore, it’s important you only invest in the best!

Looking to complete your workwear look? We offer a wide range of promotional products and uniforms to suit a variety of industries. Browse the full range online or visit our showroom in Malaga to check it out for yourself in person!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tecasafe?

Tecasafe is a leading flame resistant fabric that comprises of lyocell fibre. The fabric offers comfort and durability whilst also being soft and breathable for workers. All of our flame resistant uniforms are made using Tecasafe fabric, which has been independently tested and proven to meet the highest standards for flammability resistance. With our uniforms, you can feel confident that your workers are safe and protected in any situation where the risk of fire may be present. 

Do your flame resistant uniforms meet the industry standards?

Yes, all of our flame resistant uniforms are designed to meet the standards. We have a range of flame resistant uniforms that are suitable for a variety of industries, so you can be sure you're getting the right level of protection for your workplace.

What reflective colours are your flame resistant uniforms available in?

The reflective flame resistant uniforms come in reflective hi vis yellow and orange. These are the industry standard colours.

What’s the difference between flame retardant and flame resistant uniforms?

Flame retardant is a term that is often used informally to describe any material that resists burning. However, in more formal terms, flame retardant means a material that has been treated with a chemical or physical agent to make it more resistant to burning.

Flame resistant, on the other hand, refers to fabrics that have been specifically designed and tested to resist ignition and flammability. Flame resistant fabrics are made from materials that prevent the spread of fire. These types do not melt when in close proximity with flames, so they can be used for things like furniture and clothing without risking your safety! Often garments made from this fabric can self-extinguish once fully ignited.

How do you place an order for custom flame resistant uniforms?

To place an order for custom flame resistant uniforms, you can request a quote online. Then, our team will be in touch to chat with you about any design and branding requirements you require. Once they have all of this information, they will be able to assist you with placing your flame resistant workwear order. 

What occupations require flame resistant uniforms?

There are a number of occupations that require the use of flame resistant clothing. This is usually relevant to workers who deal with high heat, flashes, and risks of fire. These include but are not limited to firefighters, chemical workers, oil and gas workers, electricians, and welding professionals. Flame Resistant clothing is designed to protect workers from burns and other injuries that can occur when working with or around fire or high heat.