Stress Toys

Stress toys are small, affordable, and surprisingly effective tools that can help people of all ages reduce stress. These squishy and irresistibly tactile toys can make you feel calm as you do repetitive movements with your hands. And thanks to their small size, they are convenient for use in the office,classroom, or during travel.

Our custom promotional stress toys go beyond their stress-relieving properties; they are also powerful branding tools. We offer a wide range of stress toys that can be customised with your company logo and message. This promotional product can enhance your brand visibility and associate your company with a commitment to well-being.

From custom stress balls to emoji stress ball relievers and anti-stress stars, our stress toys cater to every preference. Whether your team finds solace in custom-designed stress balls or more unconventional shapes, we have the perfect stress toy to suit their needs.

Investing in corporate gifting doesn't have to break the bank. We understand the importance of cost-effective solutions, and our promotional stress balls offer an affordable way to show your commitment to a positive culture. If you’d like to enquire about placing an order for custom stress toys, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets JP Promotions stress toys apart from other stress relief options?

JP Promotions stress toys not only tackle stress but also elevate your company's brand visibility. Our customisable stress toys can feature your company logo and message, reinforcing your commitment to employee well-being. It's a unique combination of stress relief and effective branding — a smart investment for your company's success.

What variety of stress toys do JP Promotions offer to cater to different preferences?

We offer a diverse range of stress toys to suit every taste. Our extensive collection includes branded stress balls, emojis, houses, water drops, stars, turtles, horses, vans, etc. Whether your team prefers custom-printed stress balls or something more unconventional, we can craft the perfect stress toy to meet their needs. Explore our selection and discover the ideal stress-relief solution for your employees.

Are JP Promotions stress toys cost-effective for my company's budget?

Yes, our promotional stress toys are affordable, especially compared to other wellness initiatives or benefits programs. We believe that a stress-free workplace should be accessible to all, and our budget-friendly options make it easy for your company to prioritise mental health. Stress toys are also excellent promotional products that can be handed out to prospective clients at events and trade shows.

How can I customise stress toys to suit my brand or event?

Our stress toys are fully customisable! You can choose a shape that represents your brand or event, select colours that match your branding and even imprint your logo or messaging onto the stress toy surface. 

How effective are custom stress balls as promotional items?

Custom stress balls are highly effective promotional items due to their practicality and stress-relieving properties. They provide a tangible and enjoyable way for recipients to engage with your brand.