Custom Work Shirts With Logo Printed

When shopping for corporate uniforms, check out our wide range of office shirts! Custom business shirts with your logo embroidered can help unify your team and promote your business to the wider community.

Our selection of office shirts come in a variety of colours and durable fabrics. We're proud to offer an extensive range of garments with full customisation options.

At JP Promotions, we're the experts in branding, uniforms and promotional products. Browse our full range of office shirts online or get in contact with the team to place your order for shirts today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What fabrics are your office shirts?

Your employees spend all day in their uniforms, we know how important it is that they are comfy and durable! Our range of quality apparel and business shirts are made from only the highest quality materials to ensure they are both breathable and comfy to wear. Fabrics include:

- Cotton

- Polyester

- Yarn

- Jersey knit

What industries are your shirts suited for? 

We supply uniforms for all industries. We have a range of garments that can work for any business need, and we pride ourselves on our diverse product range. Industries we supply shirts for include retail, hospitality, corporate, healthcare and more. Get in contact with the team so we can best accommodate your individual requirements

What sizes do your corporate shirts come in? 

Shirt sizing generally depends on the brand of the individual product. However, most come in a wide size range to suit all. This is generally size 4-20 for women and sizes XS-5XL for men. Our team is more than happy to assist you with sizing. If you’re located in Perth, we have samples for you to try at our warehouse in Malaga.

What are the benefits of ordering business shirts for your staff?

There are many benefits of ordering business shirts with your logo. These include:

- They help make your team look more professional. Presenting a professional image to clients helps you establish trust and a good reputation.

- They unify your team. Uniforms help foster a sense of teamwork and camaraderie.

- Convenient for staff. With business shirts, your employees won’t need to worry about choosing something new to wear each day.

How should you care for business shirts?

Custom business shirts aren’t the same as your custom polos or t-shirts. To ensure your business shirts keep well, we recommend either hand washing or machine washing them with other delicate items only. If your shirts are white, ensure they are only washed with other white garments. If you notice any stains, you can always use bi-carb soda or other stain removers to help get the stain out. These tips ensure the longevity of the embroidery on your shirt.