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Promotional Products Perth 

With a decade of success behind us and many more years ahead, JP Promotions is a trusted partner for brands across Australia. With the ability to quickly ship promotional products and corporate clothing throughout the country, we can support your efforts to strengthen brand recognition no matter where you’re based.

Whether you are looking for corporate gifts to give to clients or promotional merchandise to hand out at expos and events, we’ve got you covered!

Our Malaga showroom is the perfect place to develop a sense of what's possible with extensive samples of both wholesale uniforms and promotional merchandise for your consideration and of course, we can help you online too. Contact us to discuss your requirements for promotional products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you use promotional products to promote your business?

When creating your brand’s marketing strategy, don’t overlook branded merchandise. Promotional products can add an additional brand touchpoint for your business. Many businesses choose promotional products because:

- They’re effective in building brand awareness. The more your brand is shown the more customers remember you. Think of promotional products as another channel to get your advertising messages out there.
- Competitive prices. Promotional products are typically inexpensive compared with other promotional tools. This is because promotional products are usually purchased in large quantities, which make great giveaways during business events and expos.
- They allow you to stand out from competitors. At JP Promotions we have thousands of great products to choose from, ranging from branded hats to office accessories.

What are the benefits of corporate gifts? 

Corporate gifts represent the perfect opportunity to do something nice for a client while reinforcing your position as a trusted partner and a valued brand. You can also hand these items out at big events, such as trade shows, and even share some with your employees. When you know that there’s plenty of branded material with your company's name on it out in the wild, you can trust that someone is always thinking about you. 

How do you choose the right promotional products?

At JP Promotions, we stock thousands of promotional products, so we understand it can be a little overwhelming choosing the right products for your business! Here are some tips from the team.

  1. Plan ahead. Look at trade show or event calendars in advance and start planning your order now.
  2. Choose items that relate to the event or theme. Branded stationery and lanyards are classic, and they're excellent to have on hand as a standby, but you should also look for unique opportunities. For example, is your business a sponsor for a local running event? Hand out water bottles with your logo on the front!
  3. Consider quantity carefully. How much do you really need? Use prior years’ data to make careful estimates, being cautious to avoid ordering too little—no one wants to be the only guy at the trade show who didn’t get a bag or phone charger!

Why choose JP Promotions for corporate promotional products?

We know how much promotional products can make a difference in improving your clientele and also enhancing your promotional campaign. With years of experience in all things branding and promotional products, we know what makes promotional products successful. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.