How to Increase Brand Awareness | 2022 Guide

Wondering how you can build brand awareness for your business? It may seem like building brand awareness is an overwhelming task, but there are some simple things you can do to reach new audiences and in turn boost brand visibility. This article will help you understand what building brand awareness really means, things to consider when creating a strategy, and some examples your business can utilise to build brand awareness.

What is brand awareness?

Before starting to build your brand awareness campaign, it’s important that you understand what brand awareness is. Brand awareness is a term often used to describe how aware consumers are of your brand. This refers to more than just the name of your company - building brand awareness is about increasing people’s ability to remember and recognise all aspects of your brand including its logo, products, services and colour schemes.

The importance of brand awareness

Creating brand awareness is the first step to building your brand. Brand awareness allows you to begin building a relationship with your customer base, which ultimately means that when it comes time for them to make a purchase decision they are more likely to choose one of your products or services over one of your competitors.

Things to consider when creating your brand awareness strategy

In order to execute a successful brand awareness campaign, planning is crucial. Before you start brainstorming marketing campaign ideas, it may help you to consider the following tasks:

Defining a target audience

Defining a clear target audience is crucial in trying to raise brand awareness. If you haven't already done so, spend a few minutes building a profile of your ideal customer. When trying to define your target audience, it can be helpful to think about those things that might motivate them to engage with your products or services. For example, if you are building awareness for a graphic design agency, you may want to consider targeting business owners, entrepreneurs or marketing professionals. Not defining a clear target audience will make it difficult to determine where to place your brand awareness building activities. This will reduce effectiveness and overall campaign success.

Setting SMART goals

You may have come across the phrase SMART which is a mnemonic for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and, Timely. Setting SMART goals is a great way to help you stay on track when trying to implement a successful marketing campaign. Regardless of whether your objective is to raise brand awareness or improve sales, each campaign should have SMART goals. For example, the goal of getting more people to follow your blog through blogging is broad. A more specific goal might be to get 5 new followers per week or a 25% increase in blog page views in 4 months.

Maintaining a budget

Whether you're building brand awareness for your business or improving sales, it's important to closely monitor your spending. Marketing is an investment in the future of your company, you should always consider the budget when implementing a new brand awareness strategy. 

Determine how you will measure success

You don’t want your brand awareness efforts to go to waste, so it’s important that whatever strategies you decide to implement, you outline a way that you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You may ask yourself the question: how can you measure brand awareness? The answer will often depend on your particular business and specific campaign. Examples could include measuring social media impressions and the number of email signups received just to name a few. 

10 Brand awareness campaign ideas

Looking for brand awareness campaign ideas? Large corporations and small businesses alike can take advantage of the following brand awareness examples. 

1. Branded uniforms for your staff

Company work uniforms with custom embroidery have many benefits. They help to create brand awareness by creating additional touchpoints for customers and the general public. They also help to improve brand awareness by building a consistent image. If every staff member is wearing branded uniforms, they are effectively advertising for your business without even thinking about it! 

2. Free giveaways and corporate gifts

People love getting things for free so why not utilise promotional products as part of your marketing strategy? The great thing about building a promotional product campaign is that it’s bang for your buck, meaning you’re able to target a mass amount of people for a fairly low cost. Promotional products are also practical which means they are likely to be used by the receiver. This increases brand awareness because if your customer uses something every day, it has an opportunity to advertise your business every day.

3. Form a brand partnership to develop trust

Partnering with other brands that are complementary to one another can help develop trust. Clients feel comfortable purchasing from businesses that work well together and rely on one another. This could also lead to cross-promotional opportunities, building brand awareness even more because your business will be advertised by the company you partner with.

4. Utilise content marketing strategies

Content marketing is another low-cost strategy you can adopt to improve your brand awareness efforts. So what is content marketing exactly? It is building brand awareness through the use of engaging, educational content. When creating this type of content, you are building trust in your business with your existing and new clients because they are learning about what services or products you have available before committing to purchasing from you. Content can also help boost your other marketing efforts such as search engine optimisation, social media, online advertising, and more. 

5. Distribute your products in branded packaging

If you sell products, why not incorporate your company branding into your packaging? Every time a customer sees your business name, logo, and branding on a product they own they are reminded of who you are. Nowadays, there are plenty of eco-friendly options for bags and packaging to give your brand another touch point. 

6. Utilise social media

Social media posts are a great way to provide value to existing customers as well as reach new ones online. When it comes to choosing social media channels, you don’t have to utilise each and every one. Choose the social media platforms that relate to your business and target audience. You can also use social media to run contests and giveaways for potential customers to further increase brand awareness. 

7. Apply vehicle wraps to company cars

If you or your staff drive around a lot for work, why not consider vehicle or car wraps? Not only is it a great way to get your brand directly in front of customers but it’s also a very cost-effective strategy as once the artwork is installed, it’ll stay on your vehicle for many years to come. 

8. Invest in print materials

Whilst the digital world is growing more and more favourable, there are still many businesses out there that can benefit from incorporating print materials to build brand awareness. Examples include direct mail, newspaper ads, brochures, business cards, and flyers.

9. Guest post on other websites

Writing guest posts is a great way to build brand awareness for your business. By building up relationships with other bloggers in your industry and submitting relevant posts, you’ll be building links back to your site which helps tremendously with your website's visibility and brand awareness in the search engines. 

10. Launch a referral program

A referral program allows you to attract new customers whilst also spreading brand awareness all at the same time. Customers are most likely to listen to their friends and family therefore referral programs are a popular choice for businesses wanting to increase more paying customers. A referral program also has the added benefit of building a community around your brand at the same time.

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With these helpful tips and tricks, your business will soon be able to see the benefits of increasing brand awareness to grow your customer base and eventually increase sales. Looking for advice on bringing your company branding to life with the right uniforms and promotional products? Get in contact with the friendly team at JP Promotions today!