6 Steps to a Successful Promotional Products Campaign

e have provided a lot of promotional products to companies in the Perth area, and some people are a lot more successful than others when it comes to ROI for their products. Promotional products are such a great way to create goodwill that they almost always provide some benefits to companies who give them to customers and prospects. Like any technique, though, there are ways to ensure that you get maximum ROI for your expenditure. Here are six steps to crating a successful promotional products campaign.

  1. Research, research, research. Who is your target customer? What does that customer like? What are their habits? If you don’t know what your market wants, you won’t be able to maximise your ROI.
  2. Find the best place to meet your target market. For many, it’s easy; just go to every industry trade show you can find that is related to your target customer. Otherwise, you will need to know where your customers are most likely to congregate and go there. Often, that will mean sending a rep to their office. Whatever it takes, do it; promotional items don’t do any good sitting in your warehouse or office.
  3. Choose the right promotional products or corporate gifts for your brand and market. You always want promotional items to reflect your company’s message, and you want them to be useful or attractive to your customers or prospects.
  4. Make sure the right people get your promotional items, and make sure they are in a situation where they can listen to at least an “elevator pitch” before leaving with your item. Promotional products work great for brand recognition, but they work even better in the hands of decision-makers.
  5. Get as much information from prospects as you need, and import the data into an organised database.
  6. This leads to the one thing you can do that will probably increase your results the most with the least effort: follow up on all of the leads you gathered. The timing varies from industry to industry, but we recommend calling the first Tuesday after a weekend event or trade show, and within a week for other situations.

Promotional products are a great way to create goodwill, brand recognition, and viral word-of-mouth advertising, even if you use the “shotgun approach.” But if you really want to see stunning results, use an organised campaign. Contact us today for your promotional product needs.