Helping Business while Helping the Environment

 major consideration for some companies when deciding how to manage their promotional products is how their items are going to affect the environment. “Going green” as it is commonly called is on the rise, and for good reason.

While some companies do as they please, some take the extra time and effort to consider options that are eco-friendly, and that effort ultimately makes a real difference on our treatment of the planet.

Noble as it may be, some don’t think this extra effort is worth it, but we make it both convenient and positive for your business with our amazing selection of  eco-friendly products.

When it comes to office supplies, we have a number of “green” products that also make great corporate gifts. Pens are a popular takeaway for consumers and ours are biodegradable. We also carry pencil sets made from bamboo and rulers, notepads, pencils, pencil sharpeners, and coloured pencils all made with recycled materials.

While your customers or potential customers are getting ready for the workday or just milling about the house, we have a few options for that. LED torches use much less electricity and last longer than regular ones, and we also carry some that are rechargeable, to maximise potential. While pouring that cup of coffee in the morning, we have reusable eco mugs to take them on the go, and our recycled tote bags and backpacks make it easy to carry everything else.

Workwear and related items are great for promotion because they flash the company name to all who see them. Both employees and clients alike can make use of them, and help the environment in the process with our products.

Sling bags, business brief bags, satchels, pencil cases, lanyards, and sport bags made from cotton and recycled fibres are great for the environment and stylish as well. We even carry zippered compendiums made from 100% recycled fabrics.

Marketing and promoting your business has never been better for nature as it is today. With your name on our products, your name will spread and the planet will keep looking great and clean.

All of our eco-friendly items are fully customisable and useful for both advertising and protecting the earth. For more information about our options and ordering, please call 08 9248 6300.