Biz Collection: Polos that Make Your Sport Team, Employees, and Place of Business Look Sharp

At JP Promotions, we are proud of all of our corporate clothing, but one of our most popular lines is the Biz collection. We have outfitted a lot of Perth businesses and sport teams with polo shirts from the Biz collection, and we always get great feedback from our clients.

usiness owners love them because they make their businesses look more professional. Employees love them because they are comfortable, and because they don’t have to spend their own money on work shirts. Customers love them because they walk into a business that exudes professionalism.

Biz collection polo shirts are great for any business where employees work hard and move fast, or any business where employees routinely work outside in the heat. They are also great for businesses that want a casual but professional environment.

Polos are also a great choice for many corporate and recreational sport teams, and can be embroidered with a team name, just as companies can get their corporate logos or business names on their shirts.

There are many kinds of professionals who can benefit from branded Biz polos. Casual dining workers, store clerks, recreational workers at golf courses or parks, massage therapists, receptionists at medical offices, parking lot attendants, and hotel workers are just a few workers who look and feel great in a polo shirt.

We currently carry 16 different varieties in the Biz Collection: Anzac, Close Knit, Elite, Flash, Force, Fusion, Hero, Ice, Micro Waffle, Monte Carlo, Neon, Nitro, Noosa, Resort, Strike, and Velocity. They are available in a variety of colours, and all can be branded with your company name or logo.

These varieties provide one of the most flexible assortments of fit and look of any promotional products and clothing company in Perth or the outlying areas. Some have a more conservative look, while some have very modern looks that are perfect for a young, active staff, or a business that attracts a teenaged clientele, like a game or skateboard shop.

For some businesses, the Biz Collection is the perfect solution for providing a professional environment without making it appear too “stuffy.” They are reasonably-priced, comfortable, built for speed and efficiency, and look sharp enough to help your employees represent and advertise your business in the course of a standard workday. Call us today and let’s get started.