10 Reasons to Outfit Your Employees in Corporate Clothing

1. Singer Joe Jackson was right: “You gotta look sharp.

If you supply employees with mandatory, corporate clothing, they will always look sharp. Nothing chases customers away faster than unkempt employees.

2. The uniform factor

Everyone in your place of business is dressed the same, and corporate clothing helps them present a professional image to your customers.

3. Pride

Your employees tend to have more pride in their workplace and their company if that company provides uniforms for them. They are also happy that they don’t have to use any of their own clothes for work.

4. The walking billboard factor

Your employees are walking billboards that carry your company name and/or logo on the way to and from work, and while they are assisting your customers. This helps build brand awareness and provides your company with free advertising.

5. The right clothing for the right job

You will know that your employees are always wearing the correct clothing for their jobs. For example, you will know that nobody will walk into your machine shop with long, fluffy sleeves waiting to get caught in a machine.

6. Confidence in safety compliance

Many jobs require safety clothing. Some require materials that protect employees from caustic chemicals. Others require spark-proof clothes or knee pads. Those working around heavy machinery, parking lots, or construction sites may require high-visibility clothing. When you supply the uniform, you know they are always compliant.

7. Standing out from the competition

If you outfit your staff in attractive, professional corporate clothing or uniforms, and your closest competitor doesn't, who wins? We think you know the answer.

8. The recognition factor

While your uniform or logo might never reach “icon” status, your company’s look can help people recognise your staff and think of your company whenever they see the uniform.

9. The confidence factor

A professional uniform, especially one that is recognised in the community, is reassuring for customers when your employees go to their homes to make deliveries or service calls. It takes the fear out of a stranger knocking on their door.

10. The big picture

Your staff and place of business look professional and attractive, and corporate clothing is very reasonably priced. It improves morale for employees and customers. With corporate clothing or uniforms, everybody wins.