What Kind of Hats Do Your Employees Need?

At JP Promotions, we carry a full line of hats and caps for any workplace. All of our headwear can be customised with your company logo or message. We carry hats for many different uses and situations.

For example, many workers require high-visibility clothing to protect them from industrial accidents or being run over by a motor vehicle. We carry three different high-visibility designs. We carry a standard high-visibility hat, a high visibility hat with a flap, and a high-visibility cap with a flap.

We carry 36 different caps in a variety of designs and colours. We have many different designs using brushed heavy cotton. We also have caps of various other materials, including corduroy, mesh, and chino twill. We have designs with six panels, five panels, mesh tops, flaps, and various heights and profiles.

We can customise any hat or cap with embroidery; with 41 different designs to choose from, this gives you a lot of choices. Hats not only make your staff look good, but can also keep them safe, and keep your customers safe.

In any food and beverage situation, a hat can help prevent your employees’ hair from contaminating your customers’ food. The hat can also provide one layer of protection in a kitchen, around grease, hot food, or various cleaning solutions.

If your employees are working outdoors, at a restaurant, hotel, swim club, tennis club, golf course, or any place else where they are exposed to the elements, a hat is almost mandatory to protect them from the sun. Hats can even be colour-coded to differentiate employees by their hats, with employees in different positions wearing hats of different colours. This can be very convenient, especially in a hectic workplace.

We strongly recommend embroidering a distinctive and visible company logo on your employees’ hats, because they will usually wear their hats to and from work. This turns your employees into walking advertisements for your company outside of your workplace for an average of an hour every workday.

If you would like more information about our custom branded hats and caps, or any other corporate workwear or promotional products, please call us at 08 9248 6300, or navigate to the “contact us” page. Show off your brand to the world.