What is a Brand Style Guide? | Why a Style Guide is Important

In the dynamic landscape of communication, where information flows rapidly across various platforms, maintaining a consistent and professional image is paramount. Whether you're creating content for a business, organisation, or personal brand, the concept of a "style guide" emerges as a guiding light to navigate the seas of content creation. But what exactly is a style guide, and why does it hold such significance in today's interconnected world? In this article, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about brand style guides.

What is a brand style guide? 

A brand style guide, also known as brand guidelines or brand identity guidelines, is a document that outlines the specific design elements, guidelines, and rules that define a brand's visual and sometimes even verbal identity. The purpose of a style guide is that it serves as a comprehensive reference for anyone creating materials for a particular organisation, to ensure consistent and cohesive branding across all touchpoints. In simple terms, it keeps everyone who works with your brand logo on the same page.

What is included in a brand style guide? 

There are no set rules about what is included in a brand style guide. Smaller companies may only require a simple visual style guide whereas you may find larger companies have multiple style guides depending on the purpose. A typical brand style guide typically consists of the following components:

Logo usage 

Clear instructions on how the logo should be displayed, including variations, colours, minimum size, spacing, and placement. 

Colour palette 

A set of approved colours with specific colour codes (such as RGB, CMYK, HEX) that represent the brand's identity. This ensures consistent use of colours across all materials. 


Details about the fonts to be used in various contexts, such as headings, body text, and captions, along with font size requirements and styles. 

Imagery and photography 

Guidelines on the types of images that should be used to maintain the brand's visual style, including photography style and filters. 

Icons and symbols 

Instructions on using icons, graphics, and other visual elements consistently across different platforms. 

Brand voice and tone 

For some brands, the style guide might include recommendations for the brand's communication style, tone of voice, and messaging guidelines. 


Specific instructions for how the brand should be represented across different media, such as for a social media post, a blog post, packaging,  branded uniformspromotional products, signage, and more.

Usage restrictions 

Any usage restrictions or prohibited modifications of the brand's identity elements to maintain brand integrity. 

Why is a style guide important? 

A style guide is crucial for maintaining a consistent and recognisable brand identity across all platforms and materials. It ensures professionalism, and efficient communication among teams, and adapts the brand's identity to different media. Providing clear guidelines helps protect the brand's integrity, fosters brand loyalty, and streamlines creative processes.

Brand consistency 

A brand style guide is essential for maintaining brand consistency by providing clear and detailed guidelines on visual elements, tone, and messaging, ensuring that all brand communication across various platforms and materials remains cohesive. 

For collaborations 

A brand style guide is crucial for collaborations and partnerships as it provides clear and standardised guidelines, ensuring that all involved parties maintain consistent branding, which enhances credibility, fosters a unified image, and strengthens the overall impact of the collab. 


Imagine coming across a brand that uses different fonts, colour schemes and sizes across all their promotional material. It probably doesn’t give off the most professional image. Brand style guides are crucial for showcasing your business in a professional manner.

How is a brand style guide created? 

Creating a brand style guide involves several key steps. The good news is most graphic designers include a brand guide upon completion of any logos or branding work. However, if you don’t have a style guide or you are in need of an update, it’s pretty easy to put together your own style guide with a style guide template that outlines all the important elements. You can also try to create a basic one by following these steps:

  1. Firstly, define your brand's core values, mission, and target audience. 
  2. Next, outline guidelines for logo usage, colour palette, typography, and imagery to ensure visual consistencyCraft messaging guidelines that reflect your brand's tone, voice, and key messages. 
  3. Provide examples to illustrate correct and incorrect usage of these elements.
  4. Collaborate with designers, writers, and relevant team members to refine the style guide, ensuring it's comprehensive and easy to understand. 
  5. Regularly update the guide to adapt to evolving trends while maintaining brand coherence.

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