USB Keys: Keeping Data Safe and Portable

Years ago, corporate gifts and promotional products for the office were usually confined to pens and various pads of paper and notebooks. Now, the computer age has changed the way we do business. Computers have made it possible to compile, store, and transfer huge amounts of information, that would have filled a whole room 50 years ago, in the palm of one’s hand.

Now, one of our most popular and newest promotional products is the USB key. USB keys are small flash drives, and they look very distinctive. They can carry up to 8GB of information, and plug into the USB slot on any computer. We offer 12 different categories of USB keys, in varying designs and data capacities.

All of our USB keys can be customised with your company logo or message using pad printing, while some can be customised using laser engraving. USB Keys are great for transporting data from computer to computer. With a capacity of up to 8GB, you can literally carry the amount of information that you could write on a truckload of paper in the palm of your hand.

With a USB key, information has never been more portable. You simply plug the key into the USB slot of the first computer, transfer the file or files to the key, remove the key, and put it on your key chain. You can then transfer the files to any other computer, simply by inserting the key and opening the file on the computer from the USB key.

It is that simple; it is that easy to transfer a file or a document from one computer to another. As we enter the next phase of the digital age, it is easy to see small computers and flash drives replacing briefcases and paper. USB keys make a great promotional gift; your clients will get used to them and use them on a daily basis. Every time your client or prospective customer uses their USB key, they will see your logo and it will subconsciously imprint them with a positive impression of your company.

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