Trade Show Giveaway Ideas | 2024 | Event Promotional Ideas

Trade shows, as well as other kinds of exhibition events and industry conferences, remain essential sales and marketing opportunities for many industries, particularly for B2B companies. Even in this increasingly digital era, in-person networking can be very effective, especially if you know how to best take advantage of this type of forum by cleverly incorporating and showcasing your brand. Trade show giveaways are an excellent way to do just that. 

Now no trade show is complete without trade show giveaways! At JP Promotions, we stock thousands of promotional products that are perfect for trade show giveaways. We don’t just stock the stress balls and tote bags, we stock a variety of functional promotional items that will make a lasting impression on potential customers. Check out some of our popular trade show giveaways below!

1. The Indispensable Desk Cube

We all like to think memo pads and handwritten notes are a thing of the past, but whether you are jotting reminders to stick on your monitor or copying an important tracking number from a phone message, this simple and absolutely useful desk cube won't just be a lifesaver. Unlike regular sticky pads, the desk cube is discrete and minimal, ensuring a tidy look on a desk. Plus, with your custom branding printed on the product, it will be a daily imprint of your logo and brand information for prospective clients and collaborators. Perfect for brand exposure! 

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2. The Versatile Backpack 

People want to receive promotional giveaways that they’ll actually use! Whether it's for a weekend getaway or a long day excursion, you can't go wrong with a sleek, tastefully and/or cleverly logo'ed backpack. A true bang for the proverbial buck, this beauty will be a must for trade show attendees weighed down by all the merchandise for events. When designed right, this versatile accessory is also something that is unlikely to be discarded — if your prospective customer has kids, it will likely be something they will use all the time. 

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3. The Unexpectedly Indispensable Cooling Towel

It might not be the first on the list of cool promotional trade show giveaways outside the fitness industry, but the sheer utility of this stylish cooling towel will demonstrate your company's practical and out-of-the-box thinking. This is something that can travel conveniently in a satchel, gym bag, or even as a permanent stowaway in a vehicle. You never know when you may need something absorbent for a simple spill — or if a cooling mechanism could be a godsend for a surprise headache. They’re lightweight and fold up nicely making this product a great trade show giveaway item. 

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4. The Useful Vacuum Flask 

Coffee and travel mugs will be all over the trade show floor. The best trade show promotional ideas one-up what competitors are offering. This charming and refined vacuum flask can carry and insulate liquids, sure, but not just beverages. A travel mug isn't ideal for bringing a hearty soup for lunch on a chilly day or to transport your morning oats so you start your day right. Alternatively, it is the perfect vessel for fresh berries, gummy sweets, or any other snacks that can benefit from being kept out of heat and humidity. 

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5. The Super Bright Portable Torch 

What better way is there to remind prospective business allies that you 'got their back' than to give them something that should be in every glove compartment or supply cupboard? This brightly coloured, soft rubber-bodied torch is as illuminating as it is sturdy and easy to carry, whether you keep it at home, in the office, or in the car. It's something you don't realise you need...until you really need it. Plus, a portable torch is not something people think to buy themselves, making them great for use as trade show swag. 

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6. The Trendy T-Shirt 

Who doesn’t love a free t-shirt? A branded t-shirt makes an excellent trade show promotional giveaway item for several reasons. Firstly, it provides instant visibility for your company, turning attendees into walking billboards for your brand. It's a tangible and lasting reminder of the event and your business, ensuring continued exposure long after the show has ended. Additionally, t-shirts are universally appreciated, offering comfort and utility. Attendees are more likely to wear and keep a high-quality, well-designed t-shirt, making it a practical choice for building brand loyalty. Lastly, they can serve as conversation starters, facilitating networking and engagement opportunities, ultimately enhancing your trade show presence and leaving a positive impression on potential clients and partners. 

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7. The Cord That's Pretty Much a Lifeline Nowadays 

Everyone has one — a smartphone, tablet, or other device that connects all of us to the world, essentially, and it will always need to be charged. To be honest, you really can't have too many charging cords because at some point, your main cord will stop working. Whether it's a backup for power banks that will eventually save the day or someone's go-to charging cord, this 2-in-1 Android/iOS compatible lifesaver will literally plug your new customers into your logo. Don't be surprised if you have people begging for more than one! 

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Promotional Merchandise That Will Be the Talk of the Trade Show 

The 'swag' is unofficially one of the best parts of attending a trade show. Make sure yours will be always in sight, always in mind — the perfect brand ambassador for your business long after the exhibition is over. JP Promotions is here for all your branded merchandise needs. Contact us today — we'd love to help you find your ideal trade show giveaways!