Serving Up Advertisements on a Coaster

There are a number of corporate gifts that can inspire others to keep your business in mind, but few do the trick quite like a coaster does. While they may seem like a simple item, it is this simplicity that makes it an ideal item to use to promote your company with.

The primary function of a coaster is to rest your drink on, and since every person drinks at some point, everyone needs a coaster at some point. This makes a demand for coasters, and if your company’s name is on it, you will stay in the minds of the drinkers. Every time that they go to lift their drinks, they will see the name of your business.

The ease of use of coasters make them economically friendly and can fit into any marketing budget fairly well.

While coasters can be passed out at corporate events, booths, and trade fairs, they can also be used in restaurants to promote your business while serving as coasters for the customers’ drinks.

We carry a number of different types of coasters that are sure to enhance your marketing as promotional products. All of them can be tailored just for you with a custom design of your choosing.

Cork coasters are thin and lightweight, making them an ideal choice to pass out to others. While the background is the colour of the cork, the image on it can be multiple colours for the best design you can come up with.

Paper coasters are also lightweight, but can be ordered with any given thickness. These are the best for design because the whole of the disc can be imposed with your designed image on it.

Coasters made out of metal are some of the best around because they are resistant to spills and are waterproof. Additionally, the print almost never rubs off, ensuring that it will last a long time.

Coasters made from PVC material are also long lasting as well as feature a no-slip backing. The somewhat different material makes them stand out from the others.

Most of our coasters have a minimum requirement of order size, but they are highly affordable. The advertising possibilities are limitless with our custom coasters.

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