Serving Prime Hospitality in Style

It is important in many lines of work to have the best kind of corporate clothing to support the business that you are engaging in. Serving the Perth area for many years, we know all about how the right kind of workwear is important in some fields more than others.

The hospitality field is one such field that depends on having well-designed outfits to aid in the functioning of business. How can a chef prepare food well without a well-fitted apron? Wouldn’t a server of a fancy restaurant just look silly, if not unprofessional, if he or she was wearing a worn out or poor-looking vest? And think of all the stains and messes that could be prevented with the right kind of smock.

These are the potential problems that could arise if the right kind of workwear is not used. More than that, it makes everyone look more professional if they are wearing something both comfortable and stylish, which makes both employees and customers happy.

We have a large selection of different clothing that may be exactly what you need. The best part about them is that they come in a wide variety of colours and designs that could suit anyone who would wear them. And, being completely customisable, any kind of logo or extra design could be added, be it a company name or image or anything personal. The possibilities are vast and this leads to the best kind of hospitality uniforms.

For aprons, we have ones that are a simple, single colour, and those with vertical stripes of alternating colours. These come both for servers and those in the kitchen. We even have speciality ones, such as butcher’s aprons for the tougher jobs.

Exclusively for chefs, we have their kinds of  polo shirtsjackets, and caps so that they can look and feel great. Like all the others, these come in various colours, materials, and designs to fit any individual or company preference.

We also carry various other smocks, food tunics, dust coats, and waiting vests. For any occasion, we have exactly what you’d need to run a successful business or events. Customers will admire your style and come back for more.

For more information about our hospitality uniforms and clothing and about ordering, call 08 9248 6300.