Reduce Your Clients’ Stress with Promotional Anti-Stress Toys

Wouldn't it be great if your clients associated your company name with relieving their stress? Thanks to promotional anti-stress toys, you can do exactly that. Think of how great it would be if, every time one of your clients experiences stress, he or she just grabs a stress toy with your company logo on it and smiles. In a stressed-out office, that would be numerous views of your logo every day. There are advertising companies who would love to promise that kind of ROI for other forms of advertising.

If you check out our website, you will find that we carry numerous anti-stress toys and promotional items. Anti-stress toys include rubber or plastic, miniaturised versions of the following: sports car, brick, earth, soccer ball, little man with smiley face, star, ball, house, computer, horse, plane, heart, construction cone, football, and football rocket.

All of these come customised with your company name or logo printed on them. The toys can be themed according to your company or your clients’ demographic. If most of your clients are sports fans, the sports items will make more sense. Others can be themed around your company, client, or customer.

The brick works well around the building industry, but also for companies who are trying to build a solid work ethic or a new company mission. The brick also works really well in a place where it would look totally out of place, as it would draw more attention. Many people say the brick is their favourite, but many also really like the construction cone. The orange cones are iconic, and definitely stand out in any office.

The computer works great around an office full of computers, because who hasn’t wanted to grab their computer and do it harm at least once? One can squeeze the computer, but also throw it into a wall, and take vicarious pleasure in the symbolism.

The blue anti-stress ball is an old standby, and was one of the first stress toys. The ball is a little bit tougher and has a bit more resistance than the other toys, making it a favourite among those who need a subtle, physical outlet for their stress.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong no matter which anti-stress toy you choose.