Playing Cricket With Style

We’ve had the privilege of providing a lot of uniforms in Perth for a lot of different teams and a lot of different situations. Some of the more fun uniforms we have the privilege of providing here are cricket uniforms.

ricket is one of the oldest games that is still played; the first evidence of cricket having been played was in approximately 1550. The first cricket match officially played in Australia was in December of 1803. Cricket is still alive and well today, and is still very popular here in Australia.

In Perth, cricket is as popular as it is anywhere in Australia. The WACA Ground is, more often than not, referred to as “iconic,” and has been the hub of cricket in Western Australia since before 1900. While most of us will never get to play an inning for the Scorcher or the Fury, we can still wear a cricket uniform that says we deserve too.

In the eyes of many, cricket has set itself above most sports due to its inherent civility. Part of that civility is the traditional cricket uniform. While traditional individual sports such as golf and tennis also exude an air of civil behaviour and good sportsmanship, they are basically individual sports.

Cricket, however, is a team sport, and teams wear identical uniforms. As far as we are concerned, nothing in sports looks more stylish than a well-outfitted cricket team.

For adults, we offer a short sleeve polo top and cooldry comfort pants. The Polo is made out of Truedry fabric, and is available in cream or white. Sizes range from XS-5XL. They can be either screen printed or embroidered, on the back or either side of the chest.

The pants include an elastic drawcord, and two side seam pockets. They can be embroidered to the rear side, above the pockets. They are available in sizes from S-3XL, and in the colours cream or white.

Our cricket uniforms combine old world charm with modern versatility. They can help a player stay cool in hot weather, and provide freedom of movement to help ensure maximum performance.

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