Our Hats are the Topper to Any Uniform

kay - you have listened to everything we’ve told you, and your employees have the sharpest uniforms in Perth. You have provided them with professional looking, customised shirts and pants with your logo, and have even provided them with customised jackets. Not only do they look great at work, but whenever they are on their way to or from work, whether it is hot or cold, rainy or sunny, your employees are a walking advertisement for your place of business.

What could possibly top your current situation? How about a nice hat? Hats, of course, have your logo as close to eye level as any piece of workwear. Hats are a great finishing touch to many uniforms. Better yet, for any applications requiring sound sanitation practices, such as food and beverage, provide a great barrier between the customer and the employees’ hair.

In addition, employees will often wear their hats around town, even on days they’re not working. Even if your employee is not in uniform, he or she may be walking or driving around Perth with a logo that advertises your company.

Another use for custom embroidered hats is to use them strictly as promotional pieces. They can be given away as customer incentives, or they can be sold on a retail basis at places such as restaurants, golf courses, marinas, and tourist attractions.

Officially, our hats are called “caps,” and they come in many different materials, styles, and colours. We have 34 different varieties in our cap section. They come in such materials as corduroy, chino twill, brushed heavy cotton, mesh, standard cotton, premium American twill, and standard twill. Most of our hats come in one adjustable size, in a variety of colours. In addition, hats can be embroidered on the front centre or the rear centre.

Today, businesses are spending more money than ever on advertising, and studies have proven that promotional products and clothing are the most cost-effective advertising medium.

If you sell your own customised logo hats, your customers are paying you for the privilege of advertising your product. Even if you give caps away to regular customers or employees, they will more than pay for themselves in local viral advertising.

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