Keep Your Team on “Track” with Tracksuits

One of the most versatile uniforms you will see on the Perth sports scene is the tracksuit. They may be called tracksuits, but they are worn for a lot more than track. We like the tracksuits a lot, because they look great while allowing for maximum performance.

There are plenty of great applications for tracksuits. One of our favourite applications for tracksuits is for individuals or corporate teams participating in running, cycling, or triathlon events. When corporations decide to encourage individuals and teams to enter events such as triathlons, marathons, or long cycling tours, it provides a lot of benefits for the company.

There are two major benefits in corporate sponsored entries to athletic events: fitness and camaraderie. Numerous studies have proven beyond a doubt that participation in running, cycling, and swimming events promotes physical fitness. Studies have also shown that those who are physically fit perform better in work situations than those who are not, if everything else is equal.

In addition, corporate or team participation in racing events promotes camaraderie and boosts company morale. At its best, participation in team racing events promotes teamwork, and that teamwork carries over into the workplace.

If two companies are equal in every other way, but one encourages and sponsors participation while the other doesn’t, the company that sponsors participation in team events is going to outperform the other every time.

When an employee is provided with a tracksuit or any other kind of uniform that is embroidered with company name or logo, the employee, both consciously and subconsciously, associates their company with the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction they feel while competing. This promotes a greater sense of pride in the company on the part of the employee.

Our tracksuits are available in various colours and sizes, and can accommodate anyone from your smallest to your largest athlete. They can be embroidered on the backs of trousers above the pockets, on the backs of the tops, and on either side of the chest. This provides plenty of options to ensure that your company logo is prominently displayed in any fashion you wish.

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