June 2012


Current News @ JP’s

We recently continued our sponsorship of the Southern River Football Club for season 2012 by donating 60 x Club Polos with 4 pieces of embroidery on each item. The polos are for both, the League and Reserve teams and are to be worn at all official match day events. We are proud to be supporting a club that is celebrating its 15th year in operation and having one of its most successful seasons since inception.

Tour of Duty

On May 28th & 29th both, Jarrod and Renee went to Darwin to visit some of our regional clients. Both of them came back with many positives to say about the Top End, especially the fantastic weather (Dry Season), relaxed lifestyle and the excitement surrounding the Ichthys Gas Project which is being run by Inpex.

Here’s what Jarrod had to say about the Darwin trip.

“Darwin is abuzz with everyone talking Inpex, Inpex, Inpex! It is going to be a major boost to the local economy and have flow-on effects to many small to medium businesses up there. It is fantastic to know that some of the businesses JP Promotions is currently dealing with in the Northern Territory are going to thrive in such an environment.”

What is? – Pantone Colours (commonly referred to as PMS Colours)

The Pantone Colour System (PMS) is used Worldwide to effectively communicate colours between clients, distributors, designers/ graphic artists and manufacturers. We use it at JP Promotions to match thread colours for embroidery and; inks for pad printing and screen printing with the colours in your logo.

It is an extremely important tool that we use at JP Promotions to accurately replicate your logo time and time again.

If you do not know your PMS colours we strongly suggest you contact the business that created the logo for you and ask them for a vector file that will have this information. Store this file in a safe, easily accessible folder so that when your promotional product company, sign writer, Marketing House or PR Company requests your PMS colours you will be able to send them appropriate artwork which identifies the correct PMS colours to use. This will help in conveying a clear and concise brand image among the community as well as avoid any unsuspecting colour miss-matches on products.