July 2012

Current News @ JP’s We are pleased to announce that Alyce Potter has now joined the JP’s team as a Customer Service Representative. Alyce will be contactable via the sales@jppromotions.com.au email and will be our new contact person for internal sales and general enquiries. Alyce has previous experience at Wilson Security and Global Security. Alyce, we wish you all the best in your new role at JP’s!

What is Sublimation? Sublimation is an impressive form of decoration that has been around for nearly 30 years and allows for endless design possibilities which can allows the use of multi colour, gradients, fountain effects, font or styling effects. It is a fantastic form of decoration when client’s wishing to use full colour and design flair in their product. The most popular forms of sublimated products are T-shirts, polos, shorts and neoprene products (think drink coolers).

The sublimation process is whereby the ink is baked into the fibres of the garment as opposed to onto the garment (screen printing and transfer prints) and becomes a part of the material. This allows the design to stretch with the material and not crack or fade over time. An added benefit of sublimation is that moisture wicking material (breathable garments such as riding tops) continue to draw moisture away from the body and are not hindered by the decoration.

There are two forms of sublimation that are commonly referred to:

1. Full Sublimation- Which involves sublimating the fabric prior to the garments being sewn together. This allows for maximum design space.

2. Spot Sublimation – This is where only a small area of a previously sewn garment is sublimated.

The major downside to sublimated products is that it is quite expensive in comparisons to other decoration techniques for low quantity runs, basic artwork and low colour counts.

It is a great option for high runs, complex/ creative artwork and creating uniqueness in the marketplace.

Tips: Do you like chocolate? We do!! Did you know that we can print on it? You can have your very own customized chocolate, individually wrapped and printed with your corporate logo. Perfect for reception desks, the tea room or as a novelty gift to your clients… and the best thing is that it tastes great!

NEWS BREAK: QR Codes can now be printed on chocolate. Great for promoting Websites, Facebook pages, Twitter Feeds, Newsletters, Linked In, Discount Coupons, New Products and Special Events.