JP Promotions has Great Custom Clothing for your Pit Crew or Motorsports Team

At JP Promotions, we carry a lot of great promotional productsuniforms, and workwear. Sometimes, you get to combine all three of these into one attractive piece of clothing. This is exactly what happens when you buy pit crew or motor sports uniforms. We carry a full line of motor sports tops and hats, that are guaranteed to make you have your crew look like a winner, no matter where you finish in the race. As they say, looking good is 90% of the battle.

e carry three lines of motor sports tops. The first is the Nitro line, which looks like a traditional racing top. The next is the Nitro polo, which is a polo shirt with the proprietary Nitro design. These tops can be personalised with embroidery or screen printing, and are very distinctive and pleasing to the eye.

Our other line is the full sublimated custom line. We can provide you with shirts or hats, and they can be made to your specifications with screen printing or embroidery over the entire garment. This allows you to design whatever you want to see on your motor sports uniforms. For example, you can combine a basic design with a company logo, anything you would like to see in text, and even the logos or names of co-sponsors.

With a full sublimated custom motor sports uniform, you are the boss. You have the freedom and the resources to portray any image that you want to see on your uniform. On a pit crew or any motor sports support team, teamwork is paramount, and nothing promotes teamwork like the best-looking uniforms at the track.

Our motor sports uniforms are durable, easy to move around in, and look great! We go to great lengths to ensure that all of our garments are of the highest quality, and help you perform your best, whether you are working, or participating in your favourite sport.

Call us today at  08 9248 6300, or click the contact us link, and let’s get started today. We make the process fast and easy. All you have to do is tell us what you need, and we will have it ready ASAP. It’s that easy.