It's Perth Marathon Time Again

They aren't exactly corporate wear or workwear, but we can provide uniforms for the Perth Marathon. This year, the Perth Marathon, along with the Relay Marathon, and the Kids Marathon, will be held Sunday, 16th June, starting at the West Australian Marathon Club (WAMC) at the Burswood Water Sports Centre.

he race will begin at WAMC Headquarters, and will follow the river along shared paths on a picturesque course through East Perth and South Perth. It will then go along the Freeway path, and proceed to Canning Bridge, through paths along the river to Troy Park, and then back to the starting point.

The Marathon and the Relay Marathon have been held every year since the first one in 1979, under the auspices of the WAMC. Events have been added over the years, and it now includes the Masters Athletics WA Marathon Championships and the WA State Marathon Championship. $8,000 in prize money will be awarded.

We love the Perth Marathon, because it has a bit of something for everyone. It has individual races for individual achievements, but it also has the team relay race, which allows groups of four runners to compete as a team. Many businesses provide customised uniforms for their teams, and even more provide customised uniforms for individual runners.

There is plenty of time to order customised track suits and singlets in time for the race. We see a lot of participation from local businesses, and we also see a lot of private clubs, and even groups of mates from the same neighbourhood get customised uniforms.

The benefits for any workplace or business sponsoring a team or an individual are far beyond what they spend on sponsorship. On race day, your company name or logo is seen by thousands of people. They aren't seen as advertisements, but as the names of benevolent businesses who are sponsoring a runner or a team.

One of the more underrated, but best benefits of sponsoring a team from the workplace is the amount of pride that develops within those who are running. If someone from your company is wearing a uniform with your name on it, he or she is proud of the uniform, and therefore proud of your company.

Besides pride, another factor that comes into play is reciprocity. Runners who are sponsored subconsciously feel like they owe the company something, and usually repay your company by working harder.

In addition, companies that sponsor relay teams reap huge benefits, because it is often people from different departments who have never had to work together. In a relay, they are all part of a team, and are working together to produce the best possible finish. Consequently, whether they are from the same department or not, companies that sponsor teams see an increase in teamwork among the staff.

Many companies sponsor multiple teams or runners. Some even offer incentives for running. There is no way to quantify any of this, but it just seems like companies that encourage employees to engage in physical activities have a happier and more efficient workplace. People who are in good shape physically seem to be more productive in the workplace.

Then, there is the advertising and promotional aspect to the benefit of sponsoring runners and providing them with uniforms that proudly display your company name or logo. We mentioned that your name or logo will be seen on race day, but that is just the beginning.

To participate in a marathon, or a quarter marathon, it takes practise. Runners will usually run 4-6 times a week in preparation for a marathon or a relay. They will probably wear their uniform when they practise. Many meet at work and practise together. If so, they are usually wearing the uniform either coming to work or going to work.

Even after the race, most runners love wearing their company uniforms to practise. If they stay in shape all year, they will be seen on the streets and in parks as running billboards for your business. Not only that, but those billboards will be attached to people who are seen as achievers and winners for staying in shape.

We offer tracksuits, track jackets, tops, bottoms, and singlets for kids and adults, boys and girls, men and women, in sizes for everyone from the smallest competitor to the largest. We also offer screen printing and embroidery to produce an attractive and prominent company logo, that will be seen by thousands of people.

Promotional products, including customised uniforms, produce more advertising impressions for your dollar than any other form of advertising. Call (08) 9248 6300 today to place your order or for more information.