How Your Company Benefits from Workwear

There are a number of jobs that require specific  workwear in order to be completely safe, especially certain types of work in the Perth and Western Australian area. With the mining boom in full swing, many companies are taking advantage of these opportunities.

his is great for business and the economy as a whole; however none of it can be done, or rather shouldn’t be done, without taking into strong consideration the safety of the individual workers.

Mining can be a dangerous field to work in, and without the proper protection, the risk for injury or worse is much higher. For any company with employees doing hazardous work, it’s a good idea to invest in uniforms that meet a higher standard of safety.

Fortunately, we at JP Promotions have just what you would need to keep everyone safe and still stay comfortable with our line of hi vis safe outfits.

The defining feature of this series of clothing is that they are all  flame resistant. This is excellent for use in mines and other unsafe areas because fire is one of the leading hazards and causes for injuries at these kinds of jobs.

But the fact that these outfits are immune to fire isn’t the only thing that makes them notable. By ordering them online, you can get these  uniforms in any size you need, to suit any and all workers.

The customisation process is also one of the features that makes these outfits stand out from others. To start with, most of our items are available in multiple colours, although some only have one or two other options. This is because another safety feature is visibility and we’d like to make it a priority by offering these only in bright colours that stand out.

If you send us a logo or design, we could also have that printed into the sleeves, rear, or chest of the garment. This makes them the perfect workwear because they can be made to fly the company name and logo on them to make them more professional.

All of our products combine safety, functionality, comfort, and style to make them the best they can be.

For more information about our safety clothing choices and ordering, please call 08 9248 6300.