Give Your Employees a “Vested Interest” in Your Workplace

Another piece of workwear that many of our Perth customers like is the vest. Vests are extremely versatile, and they come in many different styles. Vests provide some warmth, but are usually worn more for appearance than for warmth. Because they are sleeveless, they can give a dressy look without making an employee “overheat,” and without restricting movement like a suit or sport coat would.

In the mining industry, we provide a lot of high-visibility vests. Current safety codes state that workers who will be exposed to heavy machinery or motor vehicles must wear high-visibility workwear to protect them from being run over.

Road crews also fall within this rule, and we have a line of vests just for roads. We have orange and yellow safety vests, and reversible vests that are standard on one side, and high-visibility on the other side.

On the dressier side, a lot of formal, fine dining restaurants use vests, as do many casual but higher-quality bars and restaurants. They provide a very nice “look” for employees. A very common restaurant uniform is black pants, black vest, and white shirt. We also have some very nice dressy vests for office work.

A lot of employees at retail outlets or theatres now wear vests that are not quite dressy, but not quite casual, either. A standard reversible unisex vest often works for the “business casual” workplace.

Our vests can be embroidered or screen printed, and come in sizes XS-5XL. We recommend customising vests for casual and safety uses, but we don't recommend it for the office or formal applications. The lone exception to this rule would be a tastefully-designed, embroidered name or logo on either side of the chest.

We carry a full line of corporate wear and workwear for our Perth clients, and we realise that vests aren't for everyone. But for certain industries, they can keep employees safe. In other applications, they can help lend a touch of class to your business that can separate it from the competition.

Call us today at 08 9248 6300 for more information. Whether you require high visibility, or just play it “close to the vest,” we can provide a customised solution that is perfect for your workplace.