Executive Golfing: Advertising on the Day Off

hen it comes to corporate gifts, why leave them just in the office when you can take them out on your day off. And if you’re like a good number of executives, golf is the sport of choice. While you probably have almost if not all the necessary equipment for this sport, you may not have exactly what you want.

Our golf products can be customised to carry your company’s name and anything else on them. This makes them great accessories, but also tools for advertisement. You can promote your business to fellow golfers without doing a thing.

Our selection for golf items is vast and ranges from the disposable golf balls and tees, to longer used accessories such as towels and head covers.

Any executive would be proud of his company and stick with it wherever it goes. The same could apply for the custom golf balls you could have. Either making that par putt on the green or rising from the rough, your corporation’s golf balls will go anywhere and you with them. Or you could be standing on the pillar of a custom tee to make the crucial drive of the day. Either way, both products are a staple to any round of golf.

Executive pride doesn’t need to stop there. With our custom golf bags and head covers, your whole arsenal of clubs could attest to the company name. Any golfer, casual or serious, needs the best set he or she can get his or her hands on, and they can look even better and be protected with our customised products. A custom towel too could keep everything looking sharp, while looking great itself.

We have a number of other items also to make Corporate Golf Day the best it can be, however you play.

The key to our golf products is to not only enhance your game, but to promote your company while enjoying your favourite sport. When work and play collide, you can bolster company pride in yourself and those around you with our golfing products and corporate sport clothing.

All of our golfing items are fully customisable and useful for both advertising and performing well on the links. For more information about our many options and ordering, please call 08 9248 6300.