Corporate Gifts in Perth: Calculators

Calculators are handy and useful corporate gifts in Perth businesses and companies. Like many of our corporate gifts, the calculator is a piece of technology that is so simple and convenient, that it hasn't been rendered obsolete by computers, tablets, or smartphones. Calculators are a lot easier and faster to use than any of today's modern technology.

Corporate gifts are great because they have been shown to deliver the most advertising impressions for the least amount of money. Every time your prospective or current client uses the gift, they see your brand, and remember that you gave them the gift. This creates two imprints and links your company to a feeling of reciprocity on the part of your client.

We carry six different types of calculators, suitable for uses from business to casual. Each can be customised with your company name, logo, or both. The Einstein Calculator is a versatile travel calculator which also has 2 pens, a notepad, and room for 15 sticky notes. Your company name is printed right above the numerical display, guaranteeing multiple impressions per use.

The Flip Cover Calculator has a plastic flip cover that opens with the push of a button. It is powered with button batteries. It comes in silver, blue, and red, which makes it appropriate for many different uses, from office to casual. We also carry a basic calculator, but with a twist: a puzzle maze on the reverse. This can encourage people to share the puzzle, thus getting more impressions to different people.

One of our more popular casual calculators is the Rubber Calculator. They are flexible, and can be twisted or bent without damage. They have raised numbers, and come in five different colours: Black, Blue, Red, Green, and Orange. This is great for women to carry in their purses, and is a great little gift for executive assistants.

Our plastic rule calculator is also a 20cm ruler. It has a large space for your logo, and is a great conversation-starter. The fact that it has two uses provides more impressions.

If none of the above work for you, we have a U Design calculator. We can pad print the entire front for any design you want.

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