Bottle Openers Save The World!

Can you imagine life without something as simple as a bottle opener? In our bottled beer loving world, not having this simple tool would be almost unfathomable. Not only are they a necessity around the house, but having one whilst camping, hiking, cooking out is important too. Fortunately you can also have a smart looking one with your business logo on, that can be given as corporate gifts or staff incentives.

Prior to the 1850’s, the majority of bottles were cork-sealed. Brewers also used wire bail. William Painter invented the bottle cap around 1890, using a cork lined cap called “Crown Cork.” However, they were difficult, if not nearly impossible, to open by hand. Four years later Painter thankfully invented a device – the church key bottle opener - to open his caps.

At the turn of the 20th century, beverage production increased, forcing most bottling companies to adopt the Crown Cork crimp style cap. In 1925, the newfangled wall mounted bottle cap opener made it easy to pop off the top using just one hand.

As sales of beverages with crown capped bottles increased, the need also increased for the specialty tool to remove the cap from the bottles. As a result, different styles of church key openers appeared on the market, facilitating ease of use.

A bottle opener usually functions as a second-class lever: at the far end of the bottle opener is the fulcrum, placed on the top of the crown, and the output is at the nearer end of the opener, close to the crown edge, between the fulcrum and the hand.

JP Promotions has a wide line of different openers for different occasions. The top of the line metal opener comes in a black box and makes a nice gift. Our elegant polished chrome bottle opener also is packaged in a black box. There are also a variety of utilitarian bottle openers, such as the aluminium keytag opener (attaches to a keychain), the premium metal keyring, and, for a bit of fun, the ‘hard hat’ twist action opener, available both on a keyring and without.

JP Promotions can customise these necessary implements for you and your customers. For enquiries on orders, please call us on 08 9248 6300.