Biz Velocity Men’s Polo: Sporty and Professional

The Biz Velocity Men’s Polo, is sleek, sporty, professional, and slightly asymmetrical for a look that will separate your staff or sports team from the competition. It is made out of a proprietary fabric called “BizCool.” BizCool is a 100% 160gsm polyester mesh breathable knit fabric.

The Biz Velocity Polo is aptly named, because it is made for people who like to move fast. The breathable fabric allows air to pass through, but still has a solid, professional look. It has an asymmetrical contrast shoulder panel on each side, which produces a distinctive look that is reminiscent of the “velocity” in its name. It has a matching knitted collar, and is fronted by a slim-line button placket.

The Biz Velocity Polo is great for outdoor employees or athletic teams, and lends a peppy, perky presence to the workplace. It’s almost impossible for employees to “slack” when they are wearing polo shirt that screams “on the move.” The sleek look also lends a very neat, professional appearance to the workplace, and can make your staff look like a well-oiled machine.

The Biz Velocity Polo can be screen printed or embroidered, on either side of the chest or on the rear of the shirt. It comes in sizes from Small up to 5XL.

The Biz Velocity Polo also comes in a variety of colours: black, red, and white; navy, red, and white; black, grey, and white; navy, gold, and white; royal, red, and white; navy, spring blue, and white; black, forest, and white; and black, gold, and white.

The Biz Velocity Polo is durable, and looks great even after being washed many times. We recommend buying more than one per employee, though. If you have a lot of turnover, you can just get your logo screen printed or embroidered.

If, however, your business lends itself to long-term employment, we heartily recommend that you put your logo on one side of the chest and the employee’s name on the other side. When an employee’s name is on their shirt, they tend to be more proud of their job, and tend to present themselves in a more professional manner to customers.

Pride, professionalism, and a great appearance: what business wouldn't want more of that from its employees?