The Best Branded Products To Promote Your Business

Promotional products, also known as corporate gifts, are items that businesses can use to promote their brand, raise awareness of their products or services, or reward customers. 

Promotional products are a cost-effective way to promote a business because they provide a tangible reminder of a brand or message. When used in conjunction with other marketing efforts, such as advertising or public relations, they can help to reinforce the message and increase brand awareness

Promotional merchandise can also be used as incentives for customers to take a desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a loyalty program. 

It is important to choose the right promotional items that align with your target market and business goals and also make sure to choose high-quality items that will be well received and used by the recipients.

1. Promotional Pens 

One of the first things you think of when it comes to promotional products is a branded pen. Not only are pens practical and will actually be used by your customer.

2. Promotional Shopping Bags 

Nowadays with the ban of plastic bags, customers will always be in need of a tote bag to take shopping. Tote bags are a low cost item and have a large space to print your company logo, making them a perfect promotional product.

3. Branded Mouse Mats 

The mouse mats are a classic promotional option with a large surface area for your logo.

4. Fridge Magnets 

Fridge magnets are a classic cost effective promotional product that are both useful to their recipients and are effective in promoting your brand.

5. Promotional Hats 

Apparel that is worn on the head, such as hats, offer a prime position for promoting your brand. They also provide protection from the sun which is especially useful in a country like Australia.

6. Branded Mugs 

Branded mugs are a great way to promote your brand and are almost guaranteed to generate a huge number of impressions. Just add your logo and give them away at events or to new clients as a gift.

7. Water Bottles 

Promotional drink bottles are a very effective marketing gift allowing your customer to fill the bottle with their favourite beverage.

8. Promotional Stubby Holders 

Branded stubby holders are a favourite for beer lovers and the ultimate promotional giveaway product.

9. Bottle Openers 

Branded bottle openers are a great low cost promotional item that gets seen on a daily basis and is a practical product giveaway.

10. Branded Key Rings

Key Rings are the perfect promotional gift due to their portability and practicality.

11. Branded Towels 

Custom branded towels are an item that nobody can refuse. Towels are great for a business that is outdoor, bath or water-related.

12. Promotional Face Masks 

Face masks are a responsible and useful giveaway promotional item. Get your logo seen and stop the spread at the same time.

13. Branded Lanyards

Giving away custom printed lanyards is a great way to get your brand name out there. Lanyards are especially useful at events to put tickets in or name tags.

14. Stress Balls 

Promotional stress balls are a durable, fun and memorable promotional giveaway product. You can find them in all shapes and styles to reflect your unique business.

15. Notebooks 

Branded notebooks are a very useful promotional product that are incredibly effective in boosting your brand exposure. Everyone needs a notebook!

16. Branded Rulers 

Adding your logo, slogan or business address to a ruler is a great option to promote your business.

17. Drink Coasters 

Coasters can be used as a great advertising space and is a functional product that your customers will actually use.

18. Pencil Cases 

Pencil cases are a practical giveaway item that everyone will find useful. Pencil cases can also be used as general utility bags.

19. Phone Grip 

Phone grips are extremely useful for anyone with a smartphone, which nowadays is everyone! The amount of times people look at their phones each day offers the perfect marketing opportunity for your business.

20. Power Banks 

Power banks are a tech-savvy and fun way to promote your brand. These days, no one can live without their phone so a portable power bank is sure to get some use.

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