Aprons: Not Just for Kitchens Anymore

We’ve all seen aprons on TV. Usually they are being worn by a chef, a cook, a maid, or a housewife. While anyone in a kitchen should use an apron, there are certainly other uses as well. Aprons are great for situations where an employee does not want to get food, debris, or chemicals on their clothing. In the case of harsh chemicals, using an apron can save a lot of wear and tear on standard clothing such as shirts, blouses, pants, and dresses.

Historically, aprons were often used in shops by blacksmiths and other workers who were exposed to embers as a part of their job. The apron was the first line of defense. In contemporary society, aprons are worn by domestic workers, nurses, waitresses, and in many retail outlets. Aprons with large pockets are often used by ticket and parking attendants to collect money.

People who work with dangerous chemicals often wear rubber aprons, and people who work near radiation, such as X-ray technicians, even wear lead aprons. Waterproof aprons can be made out of PVC or oil cloth, and are often used for cooking or washing dishes. Hairstylists and other salon workers wear what is known as a salon apron, which has pockets to hold scissors and other items used by salon workers.

We carry four styles of aprons. All of our aprons can be customised with screen print or embroidery. The first is a 100% vinyl PVC apron, usually used by dishwashers, janitors, and light maintenance workers. It is available in royal and white.

We also carry a 65% polyester, 35% cotton apron with a front pocket and herringbone straps. It is available in royal, orange, bottle, navy, red, black, and white. Another variation of the 65% polyester, 35% cotton apron has white stripes. It is available in bottle and white, navy and white, red and white, and black and white. We also carry a solid black or white apron without pocket, also made out of 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

In restaurants and some retail operations, an apron can provide a very distinctive look for your staff. For more information or to get started today, call us at  08 9248 6300, or visit the “contact us” page.