A Customised Jacket Takes the Sting Out of Winter Weather

As we are getting more into winter, some warmer workwear is appropriate, even in Perth. One of our favourite pieces of promotional wear is a customised jacket. We carry 28 different kinds of jackets for all situations. Jackets are great for chilly winters, but are also appropriate during rainy days in the summer.

We carry jackets in various materials, from basic rainwear to cotton and soft shell jackets. We have stadium jackets, boating jackets, and outdoor adventure jackets. This allows you to outfit your employees or even some of your best customers or clients in customised jackets that fit any style or profession.

Jackets can be screen printed or embroidered with your company name or logo, and come in sizes from XXS-5XL. They are great for employees who work outdoors, or who make deliveries. They are also great warm up jackets for employees who are training for marathons, bike races, or triathlons, especially if they are being sponsored by the company.

Not only are our customised jackets warm and functional, but they are great “word of mouth” advertising. When employees wear a jacket with your name on it to and from work or around town, or while training for an athletic event, they are walking billboards advertising your company.

In addition, employees who are awarded jackets for participation in sports or for work achievement incentives take more pride in your company when they are wearing the jackets. When you give a professional, attractive customised jacket to a customer or client, they will always remember your name.

Those of you who sponsor athletic teams can reap huge benefits by outfitting your players in customised jackets, especially in spectator sports. Your players become your loyal customers, and their opponents often frequent businesses who sponsor other teams in the league, as a form of loyalty and gratitude for league sponsors.

Ultimately, you can't lose when you distribute great looking jackets with your name on them. Some businesses, such as golf courses, sell personalised jackets and shirts to their customers. This is a “double dip” - the customer gives you money and then goes out and advertises your product.

Customised jackets make sense: everybody wins. Call 08 9248 6300 today for your own customised jackets.