Looking Fashionable, Even in Scrubs

The majority of companies and businesses use different kinds of uniforms, but some fields have more specific uniforms that have to be used. One of these fields is that of health care because almost all doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others have to wear scrubs while on the clock.

I’m not implying that this is a bad thing, however finding the right kind of scrubs to wear and how to wear them can sometimes be a problem. We at JP Promotions can help with this with our many different options for scrubs and hospital workwear.

There are always the classic scrubs to use and those are possibly the most commonly used scrubs. These are usable for both genders and anyone in the business. We also have the classic style designed just for the ladies.

With the selection of scrubs we have available, female nurses, doctors, and other health professionals get a few extra options of styles. The crossover top incorporates two colours, one for the majority of the piece and the other a line going across it.

This fashionable design is taken even further by the Zen crossover tunic, which features a mandarin collar at the top and more buttons. This design is popular among those that want to add a little something to what would be an otherwise potentially boring uniform.

For researchers and specialists of either gender, we also have a lab coat that is at the height of professionalism.

The important thing to remember about these scrubs is that most of them are sold in two pieces: the top and a pair of pants. This actually opens the window for more creativity to shine through. With two different pieces to the outfit, you could potentially wear two different colours or designs, three with the crossover top. You could coordinate the colours of your favourite sports team or whichever happen to be your favourite.

Fortunately, all of our scrubs make this customisation process easy by offering them in a variety of colours. We can even add embroidery to make your scrubs stand out with a logo or design. The possibilities are vast and only the rules of fashion bind you to the different types of stylish scrubs you could work in.

For more information about our scrubs or workwear and uniforms, call 61 8 9248 6300.