Keep Your Crew Safe with High Visibility Workwear, Part 2: The Products

n part one of this post about high visibility workwear in Perth, we explained the joint Australian/New Zealand Standard, approved in 1999, that requires workers exposed to moving vehicles and dangerous machinery to be outfitted with high visibility workwear. We also explained the differences between class D, class N, and class D/N workwear. For part two, we’re going to tell you about some of the high visibility workwear that we offer here at JP Promotions.

In a nutshell, we offer high visibility workwear in many forms. These include: drill shirts, jackets, fleece jumpers, overalls, polos, singlets, vests, and trousers. Most of our tops are available in sizes from S-5XL, and can be embroidered on the back, or on either side of the chest. Most can be either screen printed or embroidered, and come in fluorescent yellow and fluorescent orange, both colours paired with navy blue.

The trousers are available in sizes from 72R to 132R. The reflecting material is 3M reflective tape, and the available colours are various shades of blue and black. Most can be embroidered on the reverse trouser above the right pocket.

Our high visibility uniform clothing serves two purposes. Not only does it provide high visibility, but it is also designed with workplace safety in mind. They are designed and fitted to provide maximum flexibility, but they fit well enough that they are not likely to cause an accident by being caught in heavy machinery.

Like our other uniforms, our high visibility clothing lends an air of professionalism to any workplace. If your workers are going to be highly visible, it is crucial that they look good. Remember that your professional workers are representing your company, not only while at work, but if they continue to wear their work uniforms to and from work.

Our high visibility workwear provides a perfect combination of safety, ease of movement, visibility, and a professional appearance. With high visibility workwear, it is not only a matter of how well your employees’ uniforms reflect light, but also how they “reflect” on your company.

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