Keep your Crew Safe with High Visibility Workwear, Part 1: The Legal Standard

While many Australian workplaces feature uniforms, as many companies in Perth do, there are some occupations and workplaces where uniforms are required. These uniforms are high visibility workwear. Although it may seem to some like they have been around forever, the law has only been in place for 14 years.

n 31st July, 1999, the Joint Technical Committee SF/4, Occupational Standard Clothing, prepared document AS/NZS 4602:1999. The document is called the Joint Australian/New Zealand Standard. The Council of Standards Australia approved the series of regulations the same day, while Council of Standards New Zealand approved it three days later.

The document established the legal standard for high visibility clothing. The standard does not specify particular types or styles of garments, because those who created it wanted to provide employers with as many different options as they could, to help make it as easy as possible to keep employees safe.

The Council originally intended to require high visibility garments in many more situations and workplaces, but decided to limit the requirements to avoid confusion and ensure consistent compliance. As a result, the regulations are confined to situations involving exposure to dangerous equipment and machinery, or moving traffic. The Council gave industries the option of adopting their standard or creating a more stringent one if the situation needed a stricter standard.

Safety garments can be classified into Class D, for outdoor daytime use only, Class N, for night time use only, or Class D/N, for use in both daytime and night time conditions.

What this means to us is that any employee in a parking lot, on a road crew, or in a situation where industrial machinery such as tractors, bulldozers, or forklifts are driven to are required to wear safety garments. This will include pretty much everybody in the mining industry, but also people such as parking lot attendants, warehouse workers, and construction workers.

We haven’t seen industry figures for the reduction of accidents, but the important thing to remember is that high visibility uniforms is required in situations where employees are at risk of being run over by traffic or heavy machinery.

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