Jumpers are Great for the Cold Months

We have a lot of experience with workwear in Perth and surrounding areas. We carry a full line of workwear that can be customised with company logos and names. One of the more underrated pieces of workwear is the jumper.

In Perth, it's usually hot, meaning that long sleeves or jumpers are out of the question. But during the winter months, there are plenty of days where a fleece jumper with long sleeves makes a perfect choice of workwear.

Jumpers are great, especially in the morning hours, when the sun isn't beating down, and it hasn't gotten warm yet. During the winter, jumpers are a great choice for anyone who is working outside.

For those who haven't tried buying corporate workwear for their employees, there are a lot of benefits. First of all, your workplace looks a lot more professional, because the uniforms are identical. Suppose you have a dress code of blue shirts with collars and khaki pants. There are literally hundreds of shades of blue, and hundreds of shirt manufacturers. The same goes with the pants. The likelihood of your staff looking like they are all dressed the same is extremely small.

Now, suppose you decided to order clothing from us, and wanted blue shirts and khaki pants. Each employee could have a long sleeve jumper, a short sleeve polo, and khaki pants that were identical to those the other employees wear. This looks infinitely more professional than allowing employees to “mix and match,” leaving any chance of matching to chance.

In addition, you can have your employees' jumper tops screen printed or embroidered with your company's name or logo. This not only looks even more professional, but it also encourages employees to take pride in their workplace and their company.

We have 39 different jumper styles available, most in sizes from S-5XL. Some have hoods, while some have zippers and collars. There are so many styles that everyone can find one that is right for their company.

Jumpers also make great “warm-up” gear for sports uniforms. They look great, and are designed to allow maximum freedom of movement while maintaining a close fit. They are great for training for running and biking.

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