Hi-Vis Overalls: Mining with Style and Practicality

Whether it is sitting in the office or out in the field, corporate clothing is an important aspect of any work day and corporation. As such, it’s important to find the right kind of outfit you need to get the job done.

Western Australia is known for its many mining facilities and mining industry. This can sometimes be a dangerous profession, especially when one is out in the mines digging and working. For those out in the field, it’s vital to have the right kind of uniforms, and luckily we can assist with that with our high-visibility overall collection.

The most basic outfit we offer is the basic cotton drill overall. This orange outfit is simple, yet effective for mining activities.

For something slightly more useful, we have a similar model, but this one is navy coloured and flame resistant. Although possible with an orange vest, this one offers more than fifty sun protection.

For a more comfortable type of clothing, we have a model designed with cooling in mind. In the heat of the underground, these types are made of a more lightweight cotton and feature underarm vents to boost airflow across the body. These uniforms are ideal for the stuffy and heated mines near Perth and throughout the region.

Some of our overalls are made with action backing for greater mobility. These come in both solid colours and two tone editions that add a bit more style and flavour to the uniforms.

While some of our other outfits also come in two tones, most of our other overalls can also feature tape that enhances the cloth. This hi-vis reflective tape is manufactured by 3M to make worker visibility more prominent in the darkness of the mines.

The solid white, with tape, night time overall capitalises on visibility by shining reflected light either deep underground or during the night for workers who do their jobs at that time.

With the mining industry in full swing in WA, the best kind of overall is a necessity for any company that engages in that. Pick the best kind that suits your business.

All of our high vis overalls are in full compliance with Australian Safety Standards. For more information about our options and ordering, call 08 9248 6300.