Have You Thought of Uniform Pants for Your Staff?

t is probably safe to say that anyone in the uniform or corporate clothing business in Perth would agree that shirts are the most popular workwear provided to employees by their employers. Corporate clothing or workwear is a Perth staple; it lends an air of professionalism to any environment, to any workplace, and often results in employees taking more pride in their appearance and that of their workplace.

Some employers, though, report minor problems when trying to tell employees what colour or type of pants to wear. Even a colour such as black comes in various shades, and even different dye lots of the same shade can have subtle differences in colour.

Many employers have found that buying uniform pants is a perfect solution. All of the uniforms in our corporate clothing line are specifically formulated to stay crisp and professional looking, even after they have been washed many times. This makes the employees look more professional.

In addition, many of the pants in our line of uniforms can be ordered in either the same colour or a complementary colour to uniform tops. If personalised custom company logo shirts make an employee look professional, a pair of matching pants makes them look even better.

We currently carry four lines of pants for women only, two varieties of trousers for men only, and 11 varieties of trousers that can be worn by either sex. The general range of sizes for trousers is 87S-132S, and 82R-112R. Most of the trousers have two pockets, and can be embroidered with your custom logo on the reverse trouser above the right pocket.

Trousers come in various designs and materials, such as denim jeans pleated polyester front pants, khaki cargo trousers, and the sturdy traditional work trouser. Basically, whatever work application you require, we can find a uniform trouser that suits your needs perfectly.

So, if you are already satisfied and have experienced the benefits of custom uniform shirts in your workplace, why not try some work pants to go with them? If you don’t have either yet, call 08 9248 6300 today, and let us set you up with sharp looking, customised uniforms for your staff.

Nothing says “professional” like a uniformed, well-dressed staff member.