Happy New Year! - Jan 2011

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What Is? What is a vector file?

Vector graphics/ files - are made of individual objects with each object having its own unique properties ie. colour, fill, outline, shading etc. Vector graphics are resolution independent which allows the graphic artist to resize the image without the graphic getting pixilated edges as is the case with bitmap images. Therefore, the same design can be used in multiple applications where the design requires to be resized without the loss of resolution.

Common vector formats include:

AI - Adobe Illustrator CDR – CorelDRAW CGM - Computer Graphics Metafile SWF - Shockwave Flash and DXF - AutoCAD and other CAD software

Bitmap graphics - are literally maps of bits. They are commonly used as an on-screen display image with a pixel being the smallest possible size of the graphic. When a bitmap displays a coloured image, such as a rainbow in the sky, there are several shades of gradation in colour and lighting. In this case, each pixel may have 16, 24, or 48 bits of associated information with it. The greater the bit rate, the greater the resolution and the larger the file. Unfortunately, bitmaps don't rescale well. So when used in a graphic design program and the artist tries to increase the image size, the bitmap becomes blocked and blurred and if reduced, it loses clarity.

Common bitmap formats include:

BMP GIF JPEG, JPG PNG PICT (Macintosh) PCX TIFF PSD (Adobe Photoshop)

Tips from JP’s

Why Choose the "T-shirt" as a promotional item this Summer?

1. Universal Appeal - T-shirts have mass appeal, from the young to old, from the unfashionable to the hipster, everybody owns them and everybody wears them, so they are considered worth having.

2. Cost per impression (defined) – The cost per impression is considered to be the cost ($) per amount of times a logo is viewed over the products lifetime. Now stop for a moment and think about just how many people are going to see your brand embroidered or screen printed on a T-Shirt. They are essentially a walking billboard with your brand emblazoned on it!

3. Defined Targeting – The breadth of product offering in Tee’s these days is huge. There are Tee’s to suit everyone, with different sizes from Toddlers to the larger Adult, different styles for men, women and children, a variety of fabric weights, colours and designs to achieve maximum appeal among your target audience.

Industry News

Chinese New Year 2011 – Year of the ‘Rabbit’

The bulk of promotional products and cotton made products are produced ex-China and distributed Worldwide. Every year, many factories close for at least 3 weeks (up to 6 weeks) over this period. On 3rd September 2010 China announced that they would be closing 2000 factories (textiles) which were producing high levels of pollutants. There has also been increasing wage pressures in China as there is labour shortages in the industry. There is also decreasing container space available out of China with many manufacturers requesting that minimum orders be one full container! While the disruption won’t be as bad as 2010 there may be some disruptions with non-core lines that are linked to the Chinese engine room! If you are affected please have patience!