Fleece Takes the Edge Off of Winter

Another great part of our line of corporate wear and workwear for our Perth customers is fleece. Fleece is a versatile material, and a lot of people's favourite material in winter. Fleece is durable enough for high visibility workwear, but soft enough that a lot of women prefer it for athletic wear. Fleece can help keep you warm or keep you safe, and is a reasonably priced option.

ur Hi Vis line includes standard fleece jumpers, fleecy sweat shirts, windcheaters, and hoodies, with various combinations of collars, v-necks, and zippers. We also have standard full zip fleece jackets, poly fleece jackets and vests, some ladies' core fleece warm-ups, and standard fleece sweats.

We have different sizes for men and women. All fleece garments can be embroidered or screen printed on either side of the chest, or on the rear of the garment.

Fleece has many uses. The high-visibility wear is safety gear for those who will be around moving vehicles or heavy machinery, usually used for mining, construction, and road crews. They make a very nice morning wear for gyms, swimming pools, golf courses, and any place where employees routinely work outdoors.

They are also great for the many biking events, running events, and triathlons that are conducted for charity in the Perth area. We are great fans of the athletic events, because they bring out the best in so many people. We especially enjoy being around companies who sponsor one or many relay teams in the triathlons.

When an employee competes in a high-profile event for his company, it encourages loyalty and pride in the workplace. In addition, the experience of working together as a team, especially if it happens with people in different departments, can have long-lasting positive effects in the workplace.

In the days up to the race, when the employees are practising, they are running and biking billboards of achievement with your company name or logo. They will also wear the garments to and from work on cold days or practise days, giving your company more advertising impressions as they make their ways around town.

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