Do Your Employees Need Jackets?

We provide a lot of uniforms for Perth area businesses. Usually, they are the standard fare such as shirts, pants, hats, and the occasional vest. Sometimes, though, the job is outside. When it rains or gets cold, employees bring their own jackets, which covers up any logo you have put on their uniform. We have a great solution: corporate clothing jackets that can be customised with your embroidered name or logo.

We carry 28 different varieties of jackets, and all are available in multiple colours. This provides you with literally hundreds of different jackets to choose from. As with most employee uniforms in Perth, we can provide you with embroidery to your custom specifications. This provides near-infinite possibilities for jackets.

Our jackets all look extremely professional and sharp, and lend an air of increased competence to the look of your staff, even in the wind and the rain. We have jackets for every conceivable outdoor profession that may require one. Our flying jacket is great for airport employees. Our spinnaker jacket is perfect for those who provide customer service at marinas or docks.

We also carry a unisex stadium jacket which is great for parking lot employees, ticket takers, or sales personnel at athletic events. While some of our jackets are unisex, or themed, many of our jackets come in both a men’s and women’s version. These include the Stirling Soft Shell, the Studio, the Summit Series, the Soft Shell, the Geneva Soft Shell, and the Evolution.

Our jackets come in various sizes, ranging from K6-K16, 43-49, and S-5XL. Since not all jackets come in all sizes, you will need to click on to the jacket section and onto whichever jackets you are interested in. Standard decoration positions are the rear of the garment, the right hand chest, and the left hand chest. Most can be embroidered, and many can be screen printed.

With colder winter weather on the way, it is a great time to outfit your outdoor staff in jackets that will keep them nice and warm. For those whose workplace is indoors, the jackets are a nice gift or perk that will help your employees give you free advertising just by going about their business.

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