Do You Want to Increase Productivity? Try Fitted Workwear

A lot of companies don’t think that providing uniforms or corporate clothing is worth the expenditure, but those who outfit their employees in the right workwear can reap numerous benefits.

First, as we covered in another blog post, safety workwear can help keep your workplace safe. This cuts down on lost hours, insurance claims, and even lawsuits. Employees who are wearing the correct safety clothing find it easier to do the jobs they were hired for in the first place.

Properly fitted work clothing is more comfortable and helps employees create economy and efficiency of movement. It can also ensure that employees aren’t wearing clothing that is too cold or too warm for the workplace, and it can protect them from exposure to harsh industrial cleaners and chemicals.

Corporate wear can also help with company branding if it contains the company logo; customers see the company logo every time they see the employee, in or out of the workplace. If your clothing looks sharp and professional, it is always a positive for the company when it is seen.

One “hidden benefit” is that it increases professionalism. Employees usually react to a clean, professional environment with professional behaviour. If an employee’s name is on a uniform, it can make that employee feel more like a valuable team member, and it can help motivate them to work harder and contribute an attitude of “ownership” to their company.

All of these benefits, though, are dependent upon the quality of the clothing. Shoddy clothing encourages shoddy work habits. Conversely, professional-looking clothing encourages professionalism. When your employees wear great-looking, professional clothing, customers take notice. Think of the last time you walked into a business where everyone was wearing a clean, pressed, high-quality uniform. Now, think of the last time you walked into a business where the employees had no dress code, or appeared not to care how they looked. Which business would you rather patronise?

When choosing corporate wear, consider how you want your customers to perceive your business. Consider what kind of clothing your employees need to be comfortable. Sometimes a long sleeved dress shirt is appropriate, but sometimes a polo shirt is better. Don’t compound an adverse condition such as working in the hot sun all day with a long-sleeved shirt.

When serving the public, success begins with professional appearance.