COO Leaders Mining Summit 2013 Coming to Perth

As a premier provider of high visibility workwear and uniforms in Perth, we keep a close eye on the mining industry. We have a mutually beneficial relationship with many of WA's mines. We are proud that the COO Leaders Mining Summit 2013 has chosen Perth as its host.  The summit will be held 23-24 of July at the Crown Metropol Perth.

The mining industry is subject to a lot of speculations and mixed press so far in 2013. While mining has grown by 11.9% per year, representing revenues around $13 billion, the industry is besieged by predictions that the boom won’t last and some even predict a downward trend.

Costs of labour and equipment are rising, while some resources, such as iron ore, are in less demand after peaking in 2012. Consequently, mining industry COO's are under constant pressure to reduce overhead, produce more, increase the overall efficiency of operation and generate growth.

In addition, legislations, regulations and compliance standards are constantly changing, providing the occasional operational nightmare, as COO's work hard to meet the challenges of managing current projects while simultaneously endeavouring to create new ones.

At the COO Mining Summit, over 150 executives from major Australian mining companies will meet in a spirit of cooperation to define and discuss the major issues that the industry is currently facing.

On tap: think tank sessions, panel discussions, interactive workshops, roundtable sessions, and keynote presentations from highly-respected industry leaders. COO's will have an opportunity to network with others in the industry, with some leisure activities planned, including a gala dinner.

According to a recent press release, attendees will be able to meet, confer and network with operation leaders who form a who's who of WA's mining industry. In addition to local COO's, international leaders will also be present. Latest innovations will be presented as examples of best practice.

Attendees will be able to personalise their own schedules to ensure that they attend the sessions that are most relevant and most important to them. Many suppliers of technology and services will be on hand, readily available for one-on-one conferences.

Out of over 150 attendees, 80 will be COO's from various mining companies. In addition, 20 leading suppliers of services and technology will be on site. There will be over 25 highly-relevant spoken presentations and over three hours of one-on-one conferences.

In addition, there will be four roundtable sessions and twelve workshops. Agendas and itineraries will be personalised for each attendee, and the gala dinners will allow for more informal discussions.

So, what does that mean to a company that supplies high visibility uniforms to the mining sector around Perth? It means that the sector that means the most to our economy and has insulated us from what has happened to the rest of Australia has a chance to ensure the health of their industry for years to come.

We applaud the efforts of the mining industry to forget about competition for a weekend and sit together as brothers-in-arms to face the issues that are common to everyone in the industry.

For those who live in Perth or WA, the bottom line is that the mining industry has provided us with the means to emerge stronger after a financial crisis that crippled a lot of Australia.

We fully understand that what is good for the mining industry; is good for Perth and good for WA as a whole.

At JP Promotions, our contribution to the industry is high-visibility mining uniforms. We carry overalls, polos, drill shirts, trousers, and vests, all in the standard high-visibility colours.

High-visibility uniforms help the mining industry in three ways. First of all, they help companies comply with current regulations. Second, the high-visibility uniforms make workers easier to see even in the dark, and help prevent accidents.

The third-and often underrated aspect of our high-visibility uniforms-is that they are designed to allow maximum flexibility and movement, but their fit and design profile doesn't allow anything to “stick out.”  This helps prevent workers from getting their clothing caught in heavy machinery.

I would like to personally invite any attendee to stop in and say hello on the way to or from the Summit. We would be happy to have the opportunity to talk with you about our uniforms and how they can help you comply with safety standards.

Professional uniforms promote pride in the workplace, and numerous studies have shown that a workplace where employees are proud will have more production and less accidents.

Call +61 8 9428 6300 today for more information on high-visibility uniforms.