August 2011

News at JP’s

The new 2011/2012 Promotional Catalogue is now available! It has the latest styles in uniforms and corporate clothing and is full of ideas for merchandising, corporate gifts, rewards and incentives. If you would like a copy please contact your Account Manager.

Tips from JP’s – Drink/ Water Bottles

With today’s society constantly on the move and the push towards a healthier society, drink bottles can be a fantastic promotional tool for the ‘health junkie’ or the ‘person on the move’. The plastic drink bottle has come along way in the last 20 years with the introduction of high quality food grade, BPA free materials being used making them re-usable, dishwasher and freezer safe. They are available in various sizes, colours, styles and lid options.

The most successful way to print a plastic drink bottle is via a ‘wrap print’ which will allow for the largest print area with the best density of colour. Printing via the ‘Wrap’ method is quicker than the more traditional ‘Pad Print’ which greatly limits the print size.

The most common drink bottles are the standard 750ml flip lid and screw lid styles however, there are wide mouth bottles available which allow ice cubes to be added to the content to keep them cooler for longer. The Dumbbell bottle is popular among sports clubs and personal trainers and a smaller 500ml bottle (flip and screw lids) are popular with schools and universities.

For a fun contrast to the standard lid, the ‘mix and match’ system can be a great alternative. Client’s can choose from 6 bottles and 6 lids (standard range) combining the two to make a great contrast that will compliment their corporate logo at no additional charge.

Source: Promotion Magazine, July-August 2011, p.44-46

What is – Foiling Stamping

“Foil stamping is the process of printing using an etched magnesium block and a ribbon of coloured foil applied with heat and pressure. The block itself is similar to an embossing block however it is not as deep as an embossing block as the foil stamping process only requires a light pressure and heat to transfer the coloured foil to the substrate. Foil comes in a variety of colours however the most common colours used are metallic gold and silver to give a prestigious finish and commonly used on compendiums, travel wallets, business card holders, coasters and diaries.”

Source: Promotion Magazine, July-August 2011, p.70-71

Industry News – Promotional Products

JP Promotions are distributors for the following Brands: Grace collection - has released their 2011 “Headwear and & Lifestyle” catalogue with 15 new stock lines. If you are fan of the Grace Collection range and would like a copy please advise your Account Manager.

High Caliber Line – The new 2011/2012 catalogue is now available. There is also a new website for end users to peruse at